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Kentucky did not secede to the confederacy; for a time, it declared itself neutral

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Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri

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Q: Neutral states in the civil war?
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What States decided to remain neutral during the US Civil War?

Technically, four so-called border States were neutral in the US Civil War. They were Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware.

Was the civil war between the north and the south?

The U.S. Civil War was between the Union and the Confederacy. The Union states were generally in the northeast and the Confederate states were generally in the southeast. The western states and the territories were basically neutral.

What state or states were neutral in the beginning of the civil war?

Kentucky was allowed to stay neutral at the beginning - Lincoln was worried about driving it into the arms of the Confederacy.

What were the border states that kept neutral during the civil war?

During the American Civil War there were five states which stayed neutral and were given the name "border" states. They were called border states because they each bordered a free state and were aligned with the union. The five border states were Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, and West Virginia.

What was the U.S. Response to the Spanish Civil war?

The US was neutral concerning the Spanish Civil War of the 1930's.

What were th names of the 3 border states that remained neutral during the civil war?

Lousiana, Florida, and South Carolina

Did neutral states stay neutral in the civil war?

Only one state was allowed to stay neutral, and that wasn't for long. It was Kentucky - one of the four Border states that were allowed to continue practising slavery for the duration of hostilities. But it was on condition that they stayed loyal.

What was the U.S. position on World War 1 in 1914?

The United States was neutral. -APEX Learning®️ 2021

What did Canada do during the Civil War?

Canada was British territory & remained neutral during the Civil War

Was Kentucky and West Virginia Union States during the US Civil War.?

Kentucky technically was a neutral State in the US Civil War. West Virginia broke away from Virginia and became a Union State.

Name the US war between the North and South?

*The civil war *The War between the States

Who remained neutral during the civil war?