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Q: On November 25 1863 Union troops attacked the Southern position on Missionary Ridge and defeated the Confederate troops driving them out of what city?
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Union troops attacked the sounthern position on missionary ridge and defeated the confederate troops driving them out of?

The union troops attacked the southern position on the missionary ridge and defeated the Confederate troops driving them out of their cover.

In what battle did union forces overcome strong confredrate resistancecapture missionary ridge and win a victory?

With Grant now in command of all union troops and tough Union commanders in charge of divisions at Chattanooga, Union troops overcame strong Confederate resistance. They attacked a superior Confederate stronghold at Missionary Ridge, turned the tide, and gave the Union a brilliant victory.

Why did the Confederate forces invade the Union and with what result?

General Robert E. Lee attacked the Union because he wanted to give the Southern farmers a break because their crops where exhuasted

Which confederate general attacked fort Sumter?

P.G.T. BeauregardConfederate general who attacked fort sumter?

Who start the battel?

the confederate attacked the union and that started the war.

After the confederate attacked fort Sumter what was the union's response?

nothing really

What happened when confederate troops attacked cemetery ridge?

Union troops repulsed them.

Who attacked Thermopylae first?

The Greeks defended, the Persians attacked to get through the pass into southern Greece.

When was raglan castle first attacked?

It was attacked in 1993 By a group called Black November.

When was fort Sumter attacked by the confederate?

April 12, 1861

Where did the battle of Chattanooga take place?

On the 23rd of November, Union troops captured Orchard Knob, an elevation in the plain between Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge. Grant ordered an assault on Lookout Mountain at 8 A.M. on November 24th. The decisive phase of the battle began at 7 A.M. on November 25th, when Sherman's force attacked Confederate entrenchments on the northern slopes of Missionary Ridge.

How did Confederate leaders respond to Lincoln announcement that he would send ships to Fort Sumter?

Confederate leaders agreed to let food supplies in, but then attacked the ships.