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Q: One of the South's main supply routes was cut off when Admiral Farragut took control of?
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One of the South's main supply routes was cut off when Admiral farragut took control of what?

Of Mobile Bay, it had been the last important port on the Gulf of Mexico east of the Mississippi River remaining in Confederate possession. Its closure was the final step in completing the blockade in that region.

What battles over the control of straits are often related to the control of what?

shipping routes

What did admiral mahan urge the US to do to protect its intersts?

Admiral Mahan urged the US to build a strong navy to protect its interests, specifically promoting the idea of naval power as a key factor in securing economic and military dominance on the world stage. He emphasized the importance of having a powerful navy to control sea routes, protect trade, and project power globally.

Who wanted canaan for control of trade routes?

Assyrians and Chaldean

Battles over the control of straits are often related to the control of?

shipping routes

How might control of trading routes by the minoans suggest that had a strong economy?

They took better travel routes to get there destination more briefly

The north gained control of important water routes by capturing?


Battles over shipping routes often focus on the control of?


Why did the Assyrians want to take control of mespotomia?

The Assyrian had a great desire to control trade routes in southwestern Asia

Why is constantinople advantageously located?

Constantinople has a large advantage because it is coasted by two major seas, the black sea, and the meditteranean sea. This makes it a major trading point. Also from its position it could easily stop an enemy from crossing from the meditteranean to the black sea. Also if there was a battle at Constantinople they would only have to fight from 1/4 of a front because the other 3/4 of the city perimeter is surrounded by water.

Why was it important to the Romans to control mediterranian lands?

They ruled the great trading routes

Who called on the us to acquire overseas naval bases in order to protect American shipping routes?

Alfred Thayer Mahan, an American Admiral and naval strategist of the early 1900's