Original name of World War 1?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the great war the great war

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Q: Original name of World War 1?
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What was World War 1 original name before World War 1?

It was called the Great War, the war to end all wars

Was the ANZAC Day in World War 1 or the second?

The original ANZAC landing occurred in 1915, during World War I.

How did World War 1 get its name?

Until World War II it was known as the 'Great War'.

Is there another name for World War 1?

The Great War

An other name for world war 1?

The Great War

What was world war 1 name before the war?


What is the name of World War 1?

world war 1, and war war 2

Which is another name given to World War 1 for the big war?

First world war. Great war.

What is the other name of world war?

World War 1 is often also called the Great War. Of course, when it got this name, no one was predicting World War 2.

What is the alternate name to world war 1?

WWI is the name.

What was a heinie in world war 1?

It was the name given to German foot soldiers during World War 1.

What is the official name of the Turkish empire before world war 1 World War 1?

Ottoman Empire