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two million

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Q: Over - Americans served in World War 1?
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Over how many Americans served in world war 1?


What war had the largest number of Americans in the armed forces?

World War II. Over 16 million Americans served.

How many Hispanic Americans served during world war 2?

a little bit over a 100,000.

How many Americans served and lost their lives in world war 2?

16 million served 408,000 died

What did African Americans do to help the war effort during World War 2?

They served in the US military.

How many Americans served in the Vietnamese war?

5 Americans

How many black soldiers fought in World War I?

Over 350,000 Served during World War 1

How did Americans feel about world war 1 after the war was over?

happy that they won

What other nationalities besides Native Americans and Blacks served the US during World War 2?

Japanese American, Mexican Americans, Philipino Americans, etc.

How many aboriginal people served in World War 1?

over 4000

How many American served in world war 1?

Over Two Million

What war did the most Americans fight in?

Second World War, in which over 16 million Americans were inducted into the Armed Forces.