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Hooker, Meade, and Grant.

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This is the correct answer! Thank you! P.S I love you little cheaters!
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hooker, meade, and grant-apex♥

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Q: Over the course of the civil war which generals were appointed by president Lincoln to lead the union army?
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Who was the commander of the US during the US Civil War?

McClelland then Grant. Robert E. Lee was Lincoln's fist choice to lead the union army at the beginning of the war but, Lee said "I cannot fight against my own birthplace." So they chose Winfield Scott as commander.

Who was the top US commander in Vietnam?

There were several generals in charge over the course of the war: General Westmoreland is the best known as had it during the 70's.

Why were the southern generals better then the north?

Choice of a military career was more normal in the South, and Southerners were more accustomed to the riding and shooting life. The Confederate spirit encouraged a particular mad-brave approach to combat, which inspired the rank-and-file. In the end, of course, this was not enough. In a long war, it is professionalism that counts, and Lincoln gradually learned how to choose and use the best Generals, which his opposite number Jefferson Davis never did.

What president suspended habeas corpus during the civil war?

Habeas Corpus is a legal right specifically guaranteed to the people in the United States Constitution. The right of Habeas Corpus supposedly prevents the government from arbitrarily arresting people and holding them indefinitely, without charges being made against them or without a trial. The right protects against "illegal" arrest and detention. Since Lincoln "suspended" the right, this meant the government COULD arrest people on mere suspicion, or for speaking out against the war, and hold them as long as they pleased, without charges, or without giving them their day in Court. Whether you think this was justified would depend on your own personal perspective. As Lincoln said, he felt that it would be foolish to allow the whole of the American government to be brought crashing down, while protecting this one right. But, if the right has to be given up to preserve the government, is the government what its supposed to be? To southerners this was further evidence of Lincoln's despotic tendencies. As a practical matter Lincoln had to suspend the right to keep the lawmakers of Maryland locked up, or else Maryland would secede, like the other southern states, leaving Washington DC surrounded by seceded states. But these WERE the elected representatives of the people of Maryland, seeking to carry out the wishes of the people of the state. So Lincoln suspended the right, so he could keep the people from having what they wanted.

How did Lee's appointment to head the Army of Northern Virginia affect the course of the civil war?

General Lee told President Davis of his plan. Lee thought of the north at a low point. he hoped a victory in the north might force Lincoln to talk peace. o and lee hoped the invasion would show that the confederacy could indeed win the war.

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What was the policy of President Lincoln when appointing generals to serve in the US Civil War?

As the US Civil War began to unfold, US President Lincoln had the job of appointing generals. Lincoln wanted a broad spectrum of generals, ones with diverse backgrounds. With that said, Lincoln sought generals who fit into the following categories:* Abolitionists;* War Democrats;* Immigrants in high standing; and* High tariff advocates.Generals that fit into the above mentioned categories could be relied on, in Lincoln's mind, to be representative of a broad slice of American viewpoints. And, of course, former West Point graduates received important positions.

Who was the commander of the united state during civil war?

The Commander in Chief in the US Civil War was of course according to the US Constitution the President. This was Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln of course was not a general and he appointed the top commanders to lead Union forces. The main Union force was the Army of the Potomac. During the course of the war Lincoln had to appoint several generals to this position either due to what he considered incompetence or because of a resignation. The following generals were in charge of the Army of the Potomac during the War. They were: 1. George McClelland 2. E. Ambrose Burnside 3. Joseph Hooker 4. George Gordon Meade 5. Ulysses S. Grant

Was Lincoln president at time of Gettysburg address?

Of course.

Who was the commander of the US during the US Civil War?

McClelland then Grant. Robert E. Lee was Lincoln's fist choice to lead the union army at the beginning of the war but, Lee said "I cannot fight against my own birthplace." So they chose Winfield Scott as commander.

What caused US President Lincoln to commission political leaders as generals in the Union army in 1861?

In the middle of the 19th century, being a general in one's own country was considered an honor and a mark of prestige. Many of Lincoln's political allies prior to the war had done much to have him win the presidency. To reward his supporters, Lincoln, under pressure, commissioned a good number of political generals. This did not pay off militarily of course and Jefferson Davis faced similar problems.

Only president to have killed a man in a dual?

Lincoln of course, havnt you seen that commercial?

Lincoln's ten percent plan of reconstruction?

Because president Lincoln gave ten percent to the south. Of course the ten percent was money

Was Abraham Lincoln a good president?

yes of course he freed the slavesyes he was known as one of the best

What US president delivered the Gettysberd Address in the Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln. (It was Gettysburg, of course).

Who received criticism from abolitionist groups during the course of the Civil War?

President Abraham Lincoln

What US President featured on the 5 bill was born on this day in 1809?

Abraham Lincoln of course get them oodles get out a 5 dollar bill and look at it

What coin has a president on both sides?

A Lincoln Memorial penny. Lincoln is on the front, of course, and there's a tiny image of the statue visible inside the Memorial on the back.