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who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during World War 1 and why?

who opposed (argued against) conscription in Australia during world war 1 and why?

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French canadians opposed conscription.

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Q: Peoplegroups that opposed conscription in World War I?
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Compulsory conscription Britain World war 1?

The Compulsory conscription was ordered by Hitler in the World War 2, that was against the Treaty of Versailles

When was conscription used in World War I?

Conscription was used in World War 1, when men wouldn't join the army the Government used conscription as a way of making men join. They had absolutely no choice.

What was the name for the draft in world war 1?


How was propaganda used in australia during the conscription campaign of ww1?

Propaganda was used in Australia during World War I to sway public opinion towards conscription. It involved exaggerating the threat to Australia, questioning the loyalty of those who opposed conscription, and portraying conscription as necessary for the survival of the nation. This propaganda campaign divided the country, leading to two referendums on conscription in 1916 and 1917, both of which were defeated.

How do you use the word conscription in a sentence?

Many French Canadians also opposed conscription in 1917.

What did the government do to get people to fight in world war 1?


Why did the conscription happen in World War 2?

because i fatered

What is the opinion of women who opposed conscription by the Australian government in 1916?

Many opposed their male family members being forced to fighting a war in Europe which did not threaten Australia.

Who was for and who was against conscription in World War 2 and what were their reasons for this?

Many people thought of conscription as a sign of loyalty to Britain, their mothercountry, and thought that it would also support those men who were already fighting. However, trade unions feared that their members might be replaced by cheaper foreign or female labour and opposed conscription. Some groups argued that the whole war was immoral, and it was unjust to force people to fight.

What was the conscription in World War I?

Conscription is another word for the draft. Men were required to join the military/navy or RFC and serve.

How was the decision reached to start conscription in World War 1?


In World War 2 when conscription started what age was the age you had to go to war?

In Britain it was sixteen.