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The period you are asking about was called "the phoney war" and it followed Germany's initial ocupation of Austria, Bohemia and Moravia and Poland, basicaly lasting from September 1939 to April 1940 when Northern France was conquered. The reason why it was an "apparent inactivity" was because Behind the Scenes Germany was consolidating its offensive force to strike along and around the French defensive line (Maginot Line) while Great Britain and France were frantically trying to avoid further escalation of the conflict although they had already declared war on Germany in September 1939.The most remarcable fact about the "phoney war" was that during the 6 months of waiting, the soon-to-be Allies had the best opportunity of defeating Germany. While most of the German armed forces were located in Poland at the time, completing the invasion, and only a small fraction of the army was maning the Siegfried defensive line, the French military overlooking the German defenses numbered around 80 combat-ready divisions, not including the British Expeditionary Force on the mainland, which would have been an overwhelming force. However, they chose to lay in waiting and the Germans were the ones to end the "phoney war" along with France's independence.

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Q: Period of apparent inactivity at the start of World War 2?
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