Photos of anne levy

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you click on the link below and go right to the bottom of the site you contact the Southern Institute, which may be able to help.

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Q: Photos of anne levy
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When was Anne Levy born?

Anne Levy was born in 1934.

What happened to Anne Levy after the Holocaust?

she went to new orlens Louisiana

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There are many photos of William Levy and Maite Perroni and some of them show that they really are together. Just Google it!

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What is Anne Geddes famous for?

She is a famous Australian photographer known for her baby photos.

Can you show me some picture of when Anne Frank was in hiding?

There aren't any photos of Anne or anyone else during the time they were in hiding. It was against the law for jews to have cameras and they were probably worrying about more important things then taking photos.

Typical subject matter of photographs made by anne geddes?

The typical subject matter of photos made by Anne Geddes is babies and toddlers, dressed up, and or posed.

What did Saint Anne wear?

There are no photos of Anne as there were no cameras at the time. However, as she was a devout Jewish woman, it can be said that she probably wore very modest clothing that was typical of the times and culture.

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No but you could get a picture in a book called "Amelia Earhart" by Carol Anne Pearce

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I would appear that she is not. She has never professed to be and nether have any photos of her appeared with a lover. I do not believe that she is.

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