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The theory of what system of government was best: Socialism (Communism) or Individualism (Freedom and Capitalism).

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Q: Political theories of the cold war?
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What were the main problems between Russia and America in the cold war?

Conflicting political and economic theories.

What was the period called of political tension following World War 2.?

The political tension was known as the Cold War.

What was the cold?

The cold war was the state of political and military tension after World War II.

Is the cold war a land war?

"Cold War" is more a political condition than any kind of a land war.

What political weapons where used in the cold war?

Propaganda is a political weapon.

What guns were shot during cold war?

None. The Cold War was a "war" of nerves, words and political maneuvering. There were no guns involved (that's what made it a "cold" war).

What were the political effects of the Cold War?

it has nothing impact...

What was the period of political tension following World War I called?

the cold war

What were the major advantages and disadvantages of the cold war towards the political development of Africa?

cold war between russia and america

How was the Russian political systems during Cold War?


What three political and economic theories were in conflict during world war 2?

Communism, democracy and neocolonialism

How would you describe the Theories of Cold War?

Cold War means a military stand-off. If there is no war war between two countries, and then they fight, then it is a regular war (which may have to be called a hot war, since everyone is now familiar with the term cold war). The term cold war had NO MEANING until atomic weapons were invented in 1945. The term cold war was first used in 1947.