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Q: Pulitzer's competitor in fueling spanish-American war?
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Did the Russo-Japanese War elevate World War 1?

The roots were present: 1. Germany goaded Russia (the Kaiser was a cousin to the Tsar) into war with Japan in order to eliminate Russia as a competitor in Europe. 2. Britain took lessons learned from the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905 and embedded those lessons into the new battleship HMS Dreadnaught launched in 1906. It would be these DREADNAUGHTS which would fight in WW1. 3. European military officers witnessed the effects of the machine gun in the Russo-Japanese War. Then went on to field these very same weapons in WW1. Bottom line: The Russo-Japanese War of 1904 could be looked upon as a practice game for the play-off game to occur in 1914.

What is the only country in the world to change the direction of its flag depending if the country is at war or at peace?

There are no such flags. National flags are always anchored along the same side. The flag of the President of the United States has changed over the years, fueling the belief that the eagle variously faced left (toward olive branches) or right (toward its arrows). The historical fact was that Woodrow Wilson had the flag changed during his administration (including World War I) and that Harry Truman changed it back (after World War II). The original and post-1945 designs are in keeping with the design on the Great Seal of the United States, where the eagle has always faced left.

Who were the primary leaders in the US Civil War?

french and british Jewish bankers, fueling the ignorance of the south to overthrow the independent north who refused to introduce a national Jewish bank to America, later Lincoln was shot for this and today you have the Federal Reserve, poor man would be rolling in his grave seeing how their enslaving America through taxes, interest rates and giving money to their inbred cousins in the banking industry and letting the American taxpayer foot the bill not to mention all the mind conditioning through their other inbred cousins in the media.

What major war came after the Korean War?

The next big war after the Korean War was the Vietnam War.

What war was known as the Great War?


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Did Cuba Guam and the Philippines become US possessions after the SpanishAmerican War?

Platt Amendment Foraker Act

What was Austria's economic condition during World War 2?

Austria's economy expanded during World War 2 as the country played a role in fueling the German war machine. After the war, however, the nation's economy was in shambles.

Why do you think the Romans will fight a third and final Punic War?

To put an end to Carthage as a competitor in the Western Mediterranean.

How did the Japanese fleets refuel on their way to Pear Harbor during World War 2?

The Imperial Navy sailed with oilers (fueling ships); and refuelled at sea.

What was the united states role in war?

What role did the SpanishAmerican War play in the United States decision to build the Panama Canal? The United States acquired several territories in South America as a result of the war. Spain and the United States agreed to build the canal as part of the treaty that ended the war. During the war, ships going from San Francisco to Cuba required two months to sall around South America. The United States needed a shorter route to the Philippines , where fighting continued after the war .

What were the main effects of the punic war?

Carthage was eliminated as a competitor for power in the Western Mediterranean. Rome established itself as a major power, and began to intervene in the Eastern Mediterranean.

How did us get involved in the Cold war?

The US was the western enemy or competitor to the USSR during the Cold War. The US had to dedicate a lot of resources in research and development of military defense and offense technology to stay ahead of the USSR in military supremacy.

What were the causes of the 3rd Punic War?

There was just one cause - Carthage traded its way out of the 50 year indemnity designed to cripple it after the 2nd Punic War, and remained a competitor to Roman dominance of the Western Mediterranean. Rome decided on a 'final solution' and provoked the 3rd War a exterminate its resilient opponent.

What did they do in the second Punic war than the first Punic war?

In the First Punic War, Rome defeated Carthage and gained Sicily. In the Second Punic War, Rome defeated Carthage comprehensively and imposed crippling financial penalties with limitations designed to remove its threat as a competitor. Carthage was resilient and paid the penalties, was attacked by Rome's allies, resisted and was destroyed in the Third Punic War.

Author of uncles toms cabin?

The author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is Harriet Beecher Stowe. The novel was published in 1852 and is credited with fueling the abolitionist movement in the United States prior to the Civil War.

What was the purpose of the Punic Wars?

In the First Punic War, to gain control of Sicily. In the Second Punic War, to neutralise Carthage and gain dominanace of the Western Mediterranean. In the Third Punic War, to eliminate Carthage entirely as a threat or competitor.

What does the Second Punic War mean?

Between Rome and its allies and Carthage for supremacy in the Western Mediterranean. It was the second of three wars between them, each won by Rome. After the third war, Rome burnt down Carthage and sold it's people into slavery to finally get rid of a resilient competitor.