Setting of Shiloh

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's in tennesee and one of the biggest battles of the civil war took place there

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Q: Setting of Shiloh
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Saving Shiloh where was it filmed?

"Saving Shiloh" was filmed in West Virginia, United States. The movie was shot in various locations around the state, including small towns and rural areas to portray the setting of the story.

Which is first Shiloh Saving Shiloh Shiloh Season?

Shiloh is the first book , Shiloh season is the second and saving Shiloh is the third

Who played Shiloh the dog in Shiloh?

Shiloh was a beagle

The resolution in the book of Shiloh?

The setting for the book Shiloh is a place near Friendly, West Virginia. The book was a 1990s Newberry Medal winner, whose main protagonist was named Marty Preston. Shiloh in the book refers to Marty's dog which he named after the old Shiloh school house.

What is a description of the setting in the book Shiloh?

"Shiloh" is set in rural West Virginia, primarily in the hills and countryside surrounding a small town. The setting includes forests, fields, creeks, and the homes of the local families. The story takes place during a time when hunting and the traditions of rural life play a significant role in the characters' lives.

What has the author Dalton Walker written?

Dalton Walker has written: 'Vengeance Trail (Shiloh)' 'Hell Town (Shiloh, No 5)' 'Shiloh (The New Bounty Hunter Series, 1)' 'The Hunted (Shiloh, 4)' 'Blood Bounty (Shiloh, No 8)' 'Desert Hell (Shiloh, 2)' 'Hell Town (Shiloh Book, 5)' 'Blood Bounty (Shiloh)' 'Vengeance Trail (Shiloh, No 7)' 'Sidewider (Shiloh Book, 6)'

Does Shiloh die in saving Shiloh?


What is a good dog book?

The Shiloh series. There are 3. Shiloh, Shiloh Season, and Saving Shiloh. they are awesome I'm sure you will love them!:)

Why was the battle of Shiloh called the battle of Shiloh?

There was a church called Shiloh near the battle feild. Shiloh means place of peace in Hebrew.

Does Shiloh get injured in saving Shiloh?


What is the ending of Shiloh?

In the end of Shiloh Marty gets Shiloh and a new collar given to him by Judd.

What is the birth name of Shiloh Jubilee?

Shiloh Jubilee's birth name is Shiloh Jubilee Connors.