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the us should be praised for its actions in the cold war because they stopped the spread of communism and made many advancements in technology. they advanced through the space race and the nuclear arms race in the long run.

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2011-05-01 19:03:30
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Q: Should the US be praised or condemed for actions in the cold war?
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Should the us be praised or condemmed for its involvement in the Vietiam War?

To be condemned would be to not have fought the cold war at all. Praised, for fighting the cold war, and doing it with bullets (Vietnam) when it had to.

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What were some the actions not taken by the main adversaries in the cold war?

The main actions between the main adversaries, for which the world should be grateful for, was that an all out nuclear war did not happen.

Why should the u.s be praised for the invovment in the cold war?

The United States should be praised by their noble deed of the Marshall Plan, the aiding foreign countries that did not want communism to take over their government in their countries, and also because the U.S. prevented the spread of communism and made many advancement in technology, such as the space race and the nuclear arm race.

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The cold war has helped humanity to gain a better understanding of how our actions can affect others

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