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Harper's Ferry, Virginia

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Q: Site of a famous raid on a federal arsenal?
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Site of federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist?

The site of the federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist, John Brown, led the famous raid in 1859 is Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Brown, along with a group of followers, hoped to incite a slave rebellion by seizing weapons from the arsenal. The raid was ultimately unsuccessful, and Brown was captured, tried, and executed.

Who lead a raid of a federal arsenal in WV?

john brown

What site of raid was by abolitionist john brown?

The Government arsenal at Harper's Ferry

What was Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry Arsenal supposed to do?

John Brown's raid and capture of the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia was a step towards his goal of starting a slave rebellion. The arsenal provided Brown with the weapons needed for the revolt.

What abolitionist led the raid on Harper's Ferry?

John Brown (1800-1859) was convicted of treason and hanged six weeks after his failed raid on a federal arsenal.

Site of raid by john brown in which 5 pro slavery men were killed?

The arsenal at Harper's Ferry

Who raided the federal gun warehouse?

You may be thinking of the raid on the US Arsenal at Harper's Ferry, VA by John Brown.

John brown's famous raid on harper's ferry was in this state?

The famous raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry took place in the state of Virginia. It was perpetrated by John Brown and his gang. Several, including Brown, were hanged for it.

Why did john brown raid a federal arsenal in Harper's fairy?

To arm the slaves for a nationwide rebellion. (Dont think 'Fairy' had much to do with it!)

What famous rebellion did Robert E. Lee put down in 1859?

John Brown's raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry.

What town was the site of John browns famous raid?

Harper's Ferry

John Brown's objective in his raid on the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry was to?

to obtain arms for slaves who would rise in revolt. nona net