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The positives:

Slavery was ended and we no longer have that problem.

Equality in education, jobs, housing, voting, etc., have all been written into law.

States are prevented from seceding.

The Bill of Rights was extended down to the state and local level instead of just applying to federal law.

The nation learned an important lesson about national unity and no large internal conflict is likely anymore.

On the negative side:

Many of the frustrations, fears, and angry emotions from the Civil War linger on today.

'White privilege' and 'black rage' still exist today.

Despite some important counter-examples, blacks still face the legacy of slavery in prejudice, reduced expectations, poverty, and barriers to advancement.

Much of the sovereignty of the original states that was designed into the Constitution has been lost following the Civil War.

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Civil war breaks society. A classification of the society jointly oppose another or government in a civil war. It increases the hatred of people.

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Money(the economy) it self...race..and etc.

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Are there any social issues today that you think need correcting?

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Q: Social issues of the Civil War?
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