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according to me both serve the contry best as doctor is needed for a healthy and deaseless countryand at the time of war soldiers save the country without the fear of death.

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Q: Soldiers or doctorswho were better to serve the country?
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What is the word that means soldiers who serve another country for money?


Can anyone substantiate that criminals have more rights to be parents than Soldiers who serve their country?

Your question is unclear.

How do soldiers serve?

they dont serve they eat

What is sumurai?

A samurai is a type of japenese ninja,that is how I would put it. There just like soldiers that serve their country, just llike the army.

Why soldiers are brave?

Brave is an attribute applied after the fact. It is usually applied for public relation purposes. Soldiers act to follow orders or to save their lives. if they are successful others call them brave. If they are not successful others call them dead.

Do soldiers purchase their guns?

No, the weapons used by soldiers are purchased by the government they serve (either directly, or through an agency of that government), and are issued to them during the time in which they serve.

What is the difference between communist soldiers and ordinary Chinese soldiers?

There's probably still two Chinas: Communist China on the mainland; and Taiwan (Nationalist China). Communist soldiers/marines/airmen/and sailors live in and serve the nation of Red China. Non-communist Chinese servicemen live in Taiwan and serve the country of Taiwan (if Nationalist China still goes by that title).

What are civilian soldiers?

Ordinary citizens who serve for a limited time as soldiers, rather than becoming full-time professional soldiers.

How does Consumer Help serve the country?

There are many ways how Consumer Help serves the country. Consumer Help serves the country by working to create a better world through the art of marketing.

Is the Prime Minister of Canada still sending soldiers to Iraq?

no, most of our soldiers serve overseas in Afghanistan

How many Muslims serve in the us army?

about 15000 soldiers

Did black soldiers serve in World War 1?

yes they did