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Yes, I think the war would still have happened because there were many issues other than that. For example, the South still wanted slaves and were already wanting to break away from the abolitionists. Also, there were economic differences between the North and the South. The South had crops and cotton fields and they needed saves, but the North had factories and machines and businesses so therefore they did not need slaves. There were still many other problems and disagreements and there was bound to be a war anyway. The attack of Fort Sumter was just one of the main causes.

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From his inauguration on March 4, 1861 to the firing on Ft.Sumter on April 12th, Mr.Lincoln had over a month in which he could have taken a much more consiliatory position. In order to calm a very agitated situation he might have ordered Maj. Anderson to vacate the Fort to show willingness to make consessions and negotiate. The act of re-supplying the Fort sent the opposite signal. Mr. Lincoln acted counter to his stated purpose of"preserving the Union" when he issued the call for 75,000 troops to be raised. This one act was instrumental in driving at least two more important Southern states out of the Union,these being Virginia and North Carolina. It is impossible to say whether the start of the War was contingent solely upon the re-supply of Ft.Sumter but I do believe that if things were done differently by the new Northern administration the consequent events might also have been different.

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Considering the political situation of the time the war was a virtual certainty regardless of what Lincoln would have done.

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Q: That the war would have happened if Lincoln had not sent the supplies to Fort Sumter?
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What was the attack of Fort Sumter about?

The general at fort Sumter wrote a letter to president Lincoln saying that they were running out of supplies. president Lincoln could send supplies, send troops or do nothing at all. If he sent supplies Sumter might get attacked. If he sent troops Sumter would definitely get attacked. If he did nothing the general would have to surrender so he was basically give Sumter to the south. he chose to send supplies. The southern leader found out about the supplies being sent so he too made a decision. he chose to attack Sumter before the supplies arrived. by doing so he started the Civil War.

What did Lincoln think might happen if he sent supplies to the troops in fort Sumter?

he worried it would start a war.

Was the attack on Fort Sumter a surprise attack?

it was a surprise attack because Lincoln told the Confederacy that he was sending food for his men but the south attacked them. ^- The south asked them to leave repeatedly. even said they would attack them if they wouldn't go, the people in fort sumter said they would leave if they didn't recive supplies. THEN lincoln sent them supplies. No it wasn't a surprise attack. they knew it was coming.

How did Confederate leaders respond to Lincoln announcement that he would send ships to Fort Sumter?

Confederate leaders agreed to let food supplies in, but then attacked the ships.

Did Abraham Lincoln make make the right decision when he decided to send supplies to Fort Sumter?

US President Lincoln made it clear to the South that he would not send troop reinforcements to Fort Sumter, but informed the South he was only sending needed supplies. This was the correct decision by Lincoln.

Why did Lincoln send unarmed ships to fort Sumner?

To trick the South Carolinians into battle and ultimately to justify invading the Southern States after the forced evacuation of Fort Sumter thus starting the Civil War. No one died at Fort Sumter but the North rallied around war.

What would be considered an IMMEDIATE cause of the southern attack on Fort Sumter?

the election of Abraham Lincoln

Who declared war in the Revolutionary War?

Fort Sumter, a fort that remained in the union, was running low on supplies. President Lincoln had to decide whether or not to supply fort. If he did he risked war if not he would giving in to the rebels [the confederate]. Lincoln informed South Carolina that he would be resuplying Fort Sumter. Confederate leaders decided to take over Fort Sumter before the supplies ships arrived. On April 12, 1861, the confederates opened fire on Sumter. the attack lasted for 34 hours until the fort had to surrender. The Conferderate attack on Fort Sumter was the beginning of the Civil War.

How did the Lincoln Douglas debates lead to civil war?

yes, the Lincoln Douglas Debates were a step to the civil war. The debate started in 1858. Douglas became the governor of Illnois, but with his election he loss the chance of becoming president and his debate further split the democratic party which would then lead to the election of Lincoln in 1860. Lincoln's role in the debate was that he was officially recognized as a politician

Why do you think president Lincoln took the time to tell South Carolina that he was sending suppliesnot weapons to fort Sumter?

He was trying to avoid creating a conflict. By sending supplies and letting them know that, they hoped that they would be able to re-supply the fort without a battle.

How did Lincoln respond when Fort Sumter surrendered at the beginning of the US Civil War?

After the surrender of Fort Sumter, Lincoln called for 75,000 volunteers for the army. He time the volunteers would serve was for three months. Lincoln's response to to quickly end the rebellion, and he was certain it would.

Fort Sumter battle?

First shots of the war. Lincoln had declared that he would hold the Union garrison on the tiny island of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbour. The Confederate artillery fired on it, and it surrendered. Lincoln reacted by calling for 75,000 volunteer troops. The war was officially on.