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The Soviet Union and the United States.

AnswerThe previous answer is correct but in particular. In general the Cold War was between the diametrically opposed ideologies of Communism (those favoring the equality of man) and the Free World (those favoring the liberty of man). Karl Marx recommended equality. George Orwell, author of "Animal Farm" and "1984" preferred liberty.
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The Cold War was between The United States and the USSR.

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Q: The Cold War was between which two groups?
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A conflict between two or more groups within a country is called what?

A conflict between two or more groups within a country is called civil conflict or internal conflict. It typically involves differing political, social, or economic interests and can escalate into civil war if not resolved peacefully.

The thirty-years war began as a war between what two groups?

Protestants and Catholics.

What were the two groups in China during the cold war that were trying to gain power?

nationalist and communist

War between two or more groups in one country is called what?

it is called the civil war.

The peace of augsburg ended a war between which two groups?

Protestants and Catholics.

What is a conflict between two or more groups within a country?

An internal conflict involves disagreements, grievances, or hostilities between different groups within a country, often based on factors such as ethnicity, religion, or politics. These conflicts can lead to violence, instability, and human rights abuses within the affected nation.

What main nations were fighting in the Cold War?

Cold War means NO FIGHTING. There was no war during the cold war, with the exceptions of the two "HOT BATTLES" of the cold war, the Korean War and Vietnam War. Actual war between the the USSR & the US never happened.

What developed between the two most powerful countries of World War 2?

The Cold War

How is Civil War different from other types of war?

A war between two groups in a country, like American Civil War.

What is the definition of an Civil War?

A Civil War is simply a war between two or more groups within the same country. Whether it is between political groups and revolutionary groups, or some other type of group, all Civil Wars start this way.

What was the Cold War what caused the Cold War and why was it Cold?

Cold war was a war of threats, politics between democratic west and communist east. It was caused by the end of WWII with the emergence of two super powers America and the USSR, and their opposing ideologies. It was called a cold war because there were no occasions of direct armed conflict between the super powers.

Tension between which two blocs caused the Cold War?

Eastern and Western