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Q: The Confederates Rebels the Gray were all terms for the?
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Plus The Confederates Rebels the Gray were all terms for the?

sur 13 south

Are all rebels against blacks?


Did the radical republicans support the pardoning of all confederates?


Why did the confederates start the war?

fight for their homeland, their living which was made with slaves, and the feeling of adventure

Who fought the confederates?

What remained of the United States Army, after some of the best officers and soldiers had deserted it for the Confederates. Plus all the new Northern volunteers.

Why are all generation flowers gray?

Gray is the dominant color

How many confederates were in the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Of all arms, around 60,000.

What were President Lincoln's terms for a Confederate surrender in 1865?

After attending the Hampton Roads Peace Conference in February of 1865, President Lincoln had put together a set of terms for a Confederate surrender. He proposed that if the Confederates would agree to cease all military operations by April 1, 1865, he would allow for a compensated emancipation of all slaves, pardons for all political offenses, and the return of all confiscated property. These were generous terms for a Southern surrender. These were rejected by his cabinet and by Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

What can i write on charity towards all malice towards none?

former Confederates

Are all rocks gray?


Who did the Confederates or Rebels refer to?

Actually, the above answer is incorrect. The pro-slave states of the South were called the Confederate States of America (CSA) and the capital was in Montgomery, Alabama with the first president of the confederacy being Jefferson Davis. "Rebel" is just a nickname given to the Confederate soldiers, similar to all US soldiers in WWII being called "yanks," whether they were from the north or south.

What disadvantages did the confederates have in the Battle of Bull Run?

Less sophisticated artillery.Otherwise, they had all the advantages.