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The Japanese daimyo was similar to the European Lord.

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The European Lord.

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Q: The Japanese daimyo was similar to?
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Why did Chan Buddhism appeal to the twelfth- and thirteenth-century Japanese daimyo?

It appealed to Japanese daimyo because of Its possibility of immediate enlightenment.

What do you call powerful Japanese warlords?


Did the daimyo have a special uniform?

The medieval Japanese emperor's wore expensive robes.

The name for the heads of noble Japanese families?


Who overthrew the Japanese shogun in 1867?

the daimyo and samurai

Was the daimyo in Japan similar to the serfs in Europe?


Why did the Japanese tokugawa shogun control the daimyo?

To make them eat lollipops

Why were the Daimyo able to take control of parts of Japan?

because they just were. they were the japanese

What was the ancient Japanese social classes?

Emperor, Shogun, Daimyo, Samurai*, Peasants, Artisan, and Merchants. *There are also Ronin, which are Samurai without a Daimyo (because he/she was killed, committed seppuku, etc.).

How did the daimyo hinder strong central government in Japan?

The Japanese word daimyo is compounded from dai (“large”) and myō for myōden, and they remained within the framework of imperial government.

What is the name of a Japanese feudal lord?

A Bushido which was renamed Daimyo under the Ashikaga Shogunate.

How did the Japanese feudal under the daimyo resemble European feudalism?

the daimyo built fortified castles and created small armies of samurai on horses later they added foot soldiers with muskets to there ranks