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because it destroyed most of the American naval fleet which was lined up in Pearl Harbor.

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Q: The MAIN reason the attack at Pearl Harbor was so damaging is because at the time of the attack?
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What was one reason the US entered World War 2?

The Japanese attack of Pearl harbor

What wars were started because of revenge?

Even though the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 caused the US entry into WW2; had a WW2 not been going on, the US and Japan would have definitely been at war with each other. And US revenge would have been the number 1 reason. President FDR had alot of difficulty with the US public when he announced that Europe had to be saved first, the "Germany first policy." Germany did NOT attack the US, Japan did! And the people of the United States wanted their blood! The only reason President Franklin Delano Roosevelt went for the "Save Europe First" strategy was because of Winston Churchill's constant lobbying efforts with FDR from 1939 up through the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941.

What caused the US to enter a war thousands of miles away in Europe?

Germany would not agree to end its naval attacks.

Was the 911 attack a conspiracy?

Yes it was, the facts shows that is a conspiracy. Its a conspiracy because they wanted to go into iraq and take the oil so they become rich (americans) they needed a reason to do this so the 911 attacks was a ligitamet reason

What is one reason that the United States entered world war 2?

I really don't think that there was any other reason for the United States entering the war. The American public was against another war and didn't want to enter WW2 after WW1. But after the attack on Pearl Harbor everything changed in a day and we entered the War with the American people's blessing. 1) Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and declared war on Britain, the USA, Canada & Australia on 7/12/41. 2) Germany & Italy declared war on the USA on 11/12/41. 3) Bulgaria, Romania & Hungary declared war on the USA on 13/12/41.

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Why was the attack of pearl harbor the reason America went to war?

because the Japanese attacked Americans on US soil.

Why is the attack on pearl harbor still important?

because it was the final straw of the United States, it was the reason we went into WWII

Is there a reason for the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor?

the japanese were really mad because of the war so they decided to attack pearl harbor so they could show the americans who is better.

What was the reason the us enter war war 2?

The Japanese attack of Pearl harbor

Why did the Americas think torpedos couldn't reach Pearl Harbor?

The reason most commonly expressed can be demonstrated by a quote from Admiral Kimmel, CIC Pacific at the time of the attack: "..I felt also that the danger of torpedo plane attack in Pearl Harbor was nil because I believed that torpedoes would not run in the shallow water in that harbor. ..."

Why was the attack on Pearl Harbor so devasting to the US?

We were supposed to be neutral and were attacked for no actual reason

What was one reason the US entered World War 2?

The Japanese attack of Pearl harbor

Why did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect America and how did it get so out of control and how did it start in the first place?

The Japanese attacked America by aerially assualting pearl harbor the reason is i believe Germany put pressure on japan forcing japan to attack pearl harbor

When and why did the US get into World War 2?

The reason the United States entered the Second World War was because of a suprise attack on their naval base at Pearl Harbor in Oahu. At 7:55 A.M. on December 7,1941, the Empire of Japan commited a suprise attack upon the United States naval fleet that was anchored in the harbor. The day after the attack the 32nd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, declared war on the Empire of Japan because of their sudden attack that was performed without warning the day before. The reason for the Unites states to enter word war two is because the japaness bombed us in pearl harbor on December 7 1941 and the attack on the philipne islands near china.

Reason for the selection of routes used by Japan to attack Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese selected the route they used for their attack fleet to approach Pearl Harbor because they wanted to avoid heavily traveled sea lanes. This would prevent their fleet from being spotted and warnings sent to the American fleet in Pearl Harbor. For this reason the Japanese fleet sailed east across the north Pacific, then turned south and approached Hawaii from directly north.

Pearl harbor attack pulled the US into which war?

Actually, it was the Japanese that attacked Pearl Harbor. And yes, that was the prime reason we were brought in WWII.

Did Pearl Harbor cause America to get into war with japan?

Yes The Attack on Pearl Harbor was the reason that the USA went to war with Japan at the same time Germany declared war on the USA.