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Jefferson Davis was the Confederate President.

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Q: The South's choice for President in 1860?
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Why was John C Fremont the right choice for US President in 1860?

Nobody that I know of considers Fremont to be a good choice for 1860. If you think he was, the burden of proof is on you.

Who was the Souths president duing civil war?

Jefferson Davis

Was Jefferson Davis a present in the civil war?

yes,he was president of the souths side

Who was elected president of the US and leading to the souths succession?

Several states seceded when they learned that Lincoln has been elected president.

Who was souths president during Battle of Gettysburg?

The president of the Southern states at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg was Jefferson Davis. He would be the only president of the Confederacy.

Who was the US president in December 24 1860?

James Buchanan was the president for all of 1860. He left office on March 4,1961.

Who ran for the presidency in 1860?

President Lincoln won the election of 1860. ---- -Buslog

What is a pre-civil war president?

I've never heard that phrase, but it must mean a US President who served before 1860.

Which president was elected on 1860 and as the 16th president?

Abraham Lincoln

Who won in 1860 for president?

This was the election which set stage for the American Civil War. Abraham Lincoln was the president-elect from the 1860 election.

Lincoln was elected president in year what?

1860 was the year that Lincoln was elected president for the first time. He was elected again in 1864.

Who was the US president in December 1860?

James Buchanan was still President in December , 1860. Lincoln was the president-elect who would take office on March 4, 1861.