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During the Civil War, the south hoped to ally themselves with France and England.

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France and England

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Q: The South was fighting a defensive war but hoped to receive help from?
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What did African leaders hope for after fighting the Germans?

African leaders hoped for independence after fighting the Germans.

What difference between Nelson Mandela's movement in South Africa and the independence movement in Algeria?

Mandela's movement hoped to end racial oppression in an independent state, while Algerians were fighting for political independence.

How did they win the Battle of Bull Run?

The South or Confederate's strategies were to use the run and hide method, have a defensive war, and they hoped for foreign intervention. The North or Union's strategies were to use a southern blockade, take the Mississippi River, the Anaconda Plan, and to destory the south.

What was the thing Lincoln and his supporters hoped to achieve by fighting the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln and his supporters hoped to end slavery and unite the country back together.

A sentence using the word capitalization?

He never used capitalization when beginning a new sentence.

What was the South's stragety?

The South's strategy during the American Civil War was to fight a defensive war and outlast the Union's will to fight. They hoped that by defending their territory and inflicting heavy casualties on the Union forces, they could force a negotiated peace and secure their independence. Additionally, they sought support from European powers, especially for recognition and aid.

What had the South hoped for in the election of 1864?

They hoped lincoln would not win re-election in 1864, and they would be able to make peace.

What did European explorers hope to find when they journeyed to South America?

When the European explorers journeyed to South America, they hoped to find riches including gold. They also hoped to find land and to create colonies.

The goal of Nixon's policy of Vietnamization was?

President Nixon's policy of Vietnamization was designed to shift the burden of Vietnam War onto the South Vietnamese army so the United States army could withdraw from the country. Nixon hoped that the South Vietnamese army would be able to defeat North Vietnam if it continued to receive supplies from the United States. The policy failed. Once the United States army withdrew, the South Vietnamese army was defeated by the North Vietnamese army.

What did the southerns goal the hoped to achieve by fighting the civil war?

To preserve slavery and have their own nation where slavery would exist.

Who did Hera protect on Earth?

Hera protected his inheritance from his parents, as they were very rich and he hoped to receive their fortune when they passed.

What was John Browns plan after he captured Harper's Ferry?

Brown hoped that Harper's Ferry would signal a widespread slave rebellion throughout the South. He thought the slaves would converge on Harper's Ferry to receive weapons from he armory Brown had captured there.