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British seizure of American ships and impressment of American seamen

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Q: The US was brought to the brink of war with England in 1794 because of?
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The US was brought to the brink of war with England in 1794 because of what?

When Britain went to war with France in 1794, the United States sought to stay neutral and issued a statement saying so. Britain retaliated by seizing American ships and impressing American sailors. As a result, Americans demanded a war with Britain. Fearing this would be disastrous, Washington sent John Jay to England to work out a diplomatic solution. Jay's Treaty was signed, improving relations with Britain.

Which was not part of the treaty of Amity Commerce and Navication in 1794 That John Jay negotiated with England in 1794?

England respected America's right to neutrality. England would ignore pre-Revolutionary debts owed to British merchants.

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