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Ulysses Grant.

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Ulysses S Grant

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Q: The Union general who captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson?
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Who was the union general who captured fort henry?

US Grant captured Paducah, Ft. Henry, and Ft. Donelson early in the war.

What forts on the Tennessee River were captured by Union General Grant?

General Ulysses S. Grant captured Fort Henry on the Tennessee River, then took Fort Donelson six days later

Which general won victories for the union at fort Henry and for donelson?

Ulysses Grant.

Which general won victories for the union at fort Henry and fort donelson?

Ulysses Grant.

What did Union General Henry Halleck do after US Grant's victory at Fort Donelson?

The fall of Fort Donelson in 1862 secured the flank of the Union forces in that area. General Henry Halleck took this opportunity to have Union forces to move up the Tennessee River as far as was possible.

What two forts did general grant capture?

On February 6, 1862 he captured Fort Henry and on Feb. 15, 1862, Fort Donelson.The fall of the two forts allowed the Union army to move up the Tennessee deep into Confederate territory.

Why were union victories in the west strategically important?

Because the union captured two confederate river sforts. These were Fort Henry and Fort Donelson. Union gun boats could now travel on the river as far as northern alabama

Union victories at fort Henry and fort donelson prevented the confederatesfrom moving into which union states?


Did the CSA win fort Henry fort donelson?

No. Both were captured without much loss by Union troops under Grant. This led to the loss of Nashville and the western two-thirds of Tennessee to Union control for the rest of the war.

What is one reason for the Union's success in capturing Forts Henry and Donelson?

Superior Navy

Which river did grant send gunboats down?

In January, 1862, U. S. Grant used gunboats when he captured Fort Henry, on the Tennessee River. The next month he captured Fort Donelson, on the Cumberland River. These were the first major Union victories of the civil war.

Did General lee- Battle of fort Henry?

Confederate Fort Henry was commanded by General John B. Floyd. Union troops under General US Grant captured the fort early in 1862.