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The wall represents the circle of life,the top of the wall rises and falls in a rolling course,symbolizing the highs and lows that occur in our existence. The wall runs unimpaired,except for a large crack in the shape of North and South Vietnam. The cut symbolizes the break in the circle of life caused by the war.

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Q: The Vietnam Veterans memorial wall is considered to be made in what shape?
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Who would win in a war vietnam or usa?

Look at a map and compare the sizes of the two nations. The current nation of Vietnam is only about the size of California (at least in shape anyway), and the US is MORE THAN fifty times larger than California, since Alaska alone is bigger than half the continental United States.

How did the Vietnam war shape America?

The Vietnam War had an immense impact on American politics and culture, both during and after the war. Politically, the Vietnam War had an effect on the way Americans thought about their government and the way it operated. The war led to a decline in public trust of the government, as well as a decline in confidence in the effectiveness of the military. As a result, the war led to a political divide between those who supported the war and those who were opposed to it. This divide was evident in the election of 1968 in which Richard Nixon ran on a platform of ending the Vietnam War, while Hubert Humphrey advocated for continuing the war effort. The Vietnam War also had a major cultural impact. Many Americans began to question the idea of the "American Dream" and the idea of war itself. The war led to an increase in anti-war sentiment and an increase in activism, particularly amongst the younger generations. The war also led to a rise in counterculture and counter-establishment movements, such as the hippies and the Yippies. Additionally, the war led to a rise in political protest and civil disobedience, as well as a resurgence of the civil rights movement. The Vietnam War also had an effect on the American economy. The war resulted in a tremendous increase in government spending, which led to a decrease in consumer spending and a decrease in the economy. This was particularly true in the areas of defense spending and international aid. Additionally, the war led to an increase in unemployment, as well as an increase in the number of veterans returning home with physical and emotional injuries. In conclusion, the Vietnam War had a profound effect on American politics and culture. The war led to a decrease in public trust of the government and a decrease in confidence in the military. It also led to an increase in anti-war sentiment and an increase in activism, as well as a resurgence of the civil rights movement. Lastly, the war had a major impact on the American economy, resulting in an increase in government spending and a decrease in consumer spending.

What is the Education in Vietnam?

Most of the schools in SOUTH Vietnam appeared to be lone standing, single story buildings, sometimes built upon raised pillars to avoid rising water during the Monsoon Season. Most structures in SOUTH Vietnam had metal tin roofs, probably due to the availability of US Army Engineer/US Navy CB (Construction Battalions) material. There were possibly some larger type buildings in the larger cities of Hue, Da Nang, Saigon, etc. Personal homes in the cities appeared to be made of a "stucco" type of material, and seemed to be connected to other structures, much like an apartment complex, both single & two stories tall. In the countryside, nearly all homes were built upon pillars, were single story, and "cabin" like in shape, often with wooden front platforms; which served as a front porch. Roofs in the country homes were thatched vegetation from the nearby forests (contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of regular old fashioned hard wood tree forests in Vietnam). Doors for those houses were often a flexible material, such as a blanket, tarp, cut into strips, where a person could just wave their arm through them to pass through.

What was the Tonkin Gulf incident?

it caused president Johnson to send more troop to Vietnam

What is a flat pattern?

a flat pattern is when you take a 3D shape and you basically unfold and flatten the shape so it's in 2D

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Was the Vietnam Veterans Memorial going to be ib the shape of a circle?

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial never had a finalized plan regarding a circle-oriented structure.

What is the name of the artist who designed the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial?

Monument in Washington, D.C., designed by maya-lin. It consists of two low, black granite walls that meet to form a wide V shape. Engraved on the mirrorlike surface are the names of the more than 58,000 U.S. dead and missing-in-action who served in the vietnam-war, listed by date of casualty. When Lin's abstract design was announced, several veterans groups and others protested; eventually a traditional statue depicting three servicemen with a flag was commissioned, to stand at the entrance to the site. Since its dedication in 1982, the controversial wall has become one of the city's most visited and most affecting tourist attractions.The Memorial was built with funds donated from corporations, veterans organizations and individuals throughout the United States.

A flag case is usually made in what shape?

Flag cases, or often referred to as memorial cases are usually used by veterans to store their medals. They come in a shape of a blue triangle with white stars in it.

What is the shape of Vietnam?

Letter S.

What shape is the country of Vietnam?

Letter S.

What is the shape of the War Memorial Singapore?

The War Memorial looks like two 'chopsticks' towering at the height of 67 metres.

Where is Vietnam on the map?

Asia. Near the ocean. It has the shape of "S"

Is a pie shape considered a shape?


What does the Lincoln memorial resemble?

We can't say what's the exact shape of the Lincoln memorial. It was designed same to Greek architecture. And he is sitting in a chair, wonderful piece of architecture

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Great Britain

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What is the memorial in Lyle Hill in Gourock?

The memorial is called "The Cross of Lorraine" (The free French memorial). It is in the shape of a ships anchor. it was built to remember all the French sailors killed in the 2nd world war. Poppies are laid at this each year as a mark of respect.