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Q: The Zimmermann note involved a proposed secret agreement between?
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Who proposed the commerce?

The Commerce Compromise was an agreement between the Northern and Southern states in regards to slavery. It was proposed by the northern states.

Why did the publication of the Zimmermann note Bring the US into world war 1?

the note proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico to attack the united states.

A telegram sent to a German official in Mexico prior to US entrance into World War 1 proposed an alliance between Germany and Mexico?

The Zimmermann Telegram or Note

What did zimmermann propose that Mexico do if war between Germany and the us?

What did zimmermann propose that Mexico do if war between Germany and the us

What was the ' zimmerman telegram '?

so ibrahim haidarow can watch tv

What are bipartite and tripartite bodies in dispute settlement?

Bipartite bodies in a dispute settlement is an agreement between two parties. Tripartitie bodies is an agreement between three parties involved in a settlement.

What help resolve trade conflicts between US and Mexico?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was proposed to solve such conflicts.

What does seltment mean?

Settlement-Legal term for an agreement between involved parties in a suit, or another term for a small village.

Did the zimmermann note suggest an alliance between Germany and Mexico?

yes. this is true

Accord to the Torah the first covenant between God and the Hebrew people involved an agreement that?

God would bless Abraham and his descendants.

Hostile debtors agreement?

A hostile debtor's agreement is an agreement between two parties that allows for a repossession to take place. This could be the repossession of an automobile or it could also be a foreclosure. Either way, the parties involved have to go to court to solve issues.

Which 1787 agreement broke the logjam between two proposed plans to restructure the government and adopted a bicameral legislature?

The Connecticut Compromise, also known as the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman's Compromise