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they convinced many Texans that Texas should be part of Mexico.

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Q: The battle at Gonzales and Goliad made many Texans believe what?
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Who won in the battle of Gonzales?

The Texans won this battle. The Texans won this battle.

Who won the Battle of Gonzales the Texans or the Mexicans?

Texans won the battle, this was the first battle of the war.

What did colonel fannin do at the end of the battle of goliad?

At the end of The Battle of Goliad, after Texans surrendered, Fannin and his troops were marched back to Goliad and imprisoned in the old presido.

Who was the Texans' leader in the Battle of Goliad?

Colonel James Fannin.

What was the battle of cry of Texans at the battle of San jacinto?

'Remember the Alamo! Remember the Goliad!'

What battle did Mexican troops defeat rebel army and about 400 Texans surrender?

After the Battle of Goliad, about 400 rebel Texans surrendered to the Mexican army.

What caused the battle of gonzales to occur?

what caused it was that santa anna had a cannon that he believed could beat the texans. the texans took it and said come and take it. thats what caused the battle of gonzales. :)

What change took place after Texan victories at the battle of gonzales and goliad that led to the Texans' defeat at the Alamo?

Gonzales may be called a Texan victory, but at Goliad four hundred Texan soldiers surrendered and were executed by the Mexican Army. After the fall of the Alamo, General Houston had the Texan Army mobilized, and he kept it moving until he was ready to take on the Mexican Army at San Jacinto.

What do Texans consider the first fight of the Texan Revolution?

the battle of Gonzales

What caused Texans revenge against santa annas troops?

The Battle of the Alamo and the Massacre at Goliad.

Who many troops did the Texans have in the battle of Gonzales?

None. It was only a skirmish.

How many Texans survived in the battle of goliad in 1835?

303 Texans were executed by the Mexican soldiers under the orders of Santa Anna.