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Invasion of the British Isles

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Q: The battle of Britain forced Germany to abandon what?
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What forced Germany to abandon their dream of controlling western Europe?

The fact that Britain held out against them and was then able to join with the Allies to defeat them.

The battle of Britain forced Germany to?

The Battle of Britain fought was over Britain between the 10th July and 31st October 1940. This was Hitler's tactic to invade Britain however he underestimated the RAF and was defeated. Basically in two words, the BoB forced Germany to change tactics if they wanted to conquer Britain, his new strategy was to bomb major cities such as London, Plymouth, Liverpool, Southampton etc... in order to disrupt production, decrease morale and faith in the government and to destroy infrastructure.

Who was the fanatical fascist leader of Germany whose aggressions forced the US to abandon its neutrality?

Adolf Hitler

What was the effect of the Battle of Stalingrad on Germany's invasion of the soviet union?

It forced them to abandon their plan to invade Britain.

How did the Battle of Gettysburg stop Lee's army from invading the North?

Gettysburg forced Lee to abandon his invasion of the North, but it did not prevent it.

Why did great Britain declar war on Germany?

Why did Great Britain declare war on Germany? Great Britain declared war on Germany because German tanks forced their way across the Polish border on august 4th 1914

What occurred during the Battle of Britain?

Hitler was forced to travel southeast :)

Why did the Colonial Army lose the Battle of Bunker Hill?

Because the colonists' scanty store of gunpowder finally gave out, and they were forced to abandon the hill.

Which accurately describe events during World War II?

The Soviet Union did more to weaken Germany's military than did any other nation. Germany controlled France throughout much of the war Germany was forced to abandon its plans to occupy Britain.

What event made Great Britain declare war in World War 2?

Germany was TOO imperialistic, and they forced Britain into the war.

Who forced napolean Bonaparte to abandon plans for an american empire-?

Toussaint Louverture forced Napolean Bonaparte to abandon plans for an American empire

What invasion forced Britain and France to declare war on Germany in 1939?

The invasion of Poland which began in September 1939