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As a rebel against the government. (Apex)

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As rebels against the government -apex (:

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it rebels against the government

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Q: The confederacy saw itself as a separate nation. how did the union view the south?
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What federal fort did the Confederacy take to begin the Civil War?

Fort Sumter - in Charleston Harbour (South Carolina), where the Confederacy was trying to assert its authority as a separate nation.

How did the confederacy make the union recognize them as an independent nation?

It never did. The Union referred to the South as 'the rebel states'. However, by announcing a blockade of the Southern ports, the Union appeared to be giving the Confederacy the status of a separate nation.

How was slavery linked to the civil war?

The slave-states were outnumbered in Congress, which tended to pass laws unfavourable to the South. This led the South to see itself as a separate nation.

What two nations fought in the civil war?

They weren't two nations, although the South was trying to form a separate nation, and had called itself the Confederate States of America. But you can't be a nation unless foreign governments recognise your sovereignty. So the war was simply fought between two parts of the United States, calling themselves the Union and the Confederacy.

What was the name given to the states that seceded from the union?

By whom? The South called them The Confederate States of America - officially a separate nation, in their eyes. The North did not recognise the Confederacy, and simply called them The Rebel States.

Why were many in the south persuaded that they would be able to establish the confederacy as an independent nation?

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Did the north or the south get the name confederacy?

The south was known as the confederacy.

What are South Korea premier nations?

That really doesn't make sense. South Korea is itself a nation.

When did the Cherokee Nation agree to an alliance with the Confederacy?

The Cherokee Nation had been mistreated by Washington DC for decades. Their harsh removal to the "Oklahoma" territory was terrible. In October of 1861, they signed an agreement with the Confederacy in hopes of getting a better deal if the South could win its independence.

What was the result of confederate wining fort Sumter?

Lincoln called for volunteer troops. This action was interpreted as the nearest thing to a declaration of war. (Lincoln could not officialy declare war, because this would mean he recognised the Confederacy as a separate nation.) Of the eight slave-states of the Upper South which were undecided who to support, four immediately joined the Confederacy. And the war was on.

Who opposed Confederacy?

since the confederacy was the south. the confederacy was opposed by the north

What did the south do to try to win the civil war?

The south tried winning by maintaining a defensive position and keep the military colleges (majority) of the nation's trained students to soon with the confederacy.