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Continual planting wore out the soil.

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Q: The cotton growers of the south were interested in westward expansion because?
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What was the impact of the boll weevil and drought on Georgia during World War 1?

It infested all U.S. cotton growing areas. It devastated the industry and the people working in the American south. The boll weevil became a serious pest. Cotton growers were going bankrupt because of the drought and the boll weevils. Economic losses were significant due to the relatively high cost of growing cotton.

What was the purpose of the Buy a bale of cotton movement in GA during World War 1?

The outbreak of war in Europe in 1914 prevented southern cotton growers from exporting their crop to European cotton mills. The "buy a bale of cotton" movement aimed to help growers by providing demand for their cotton. The campaign targeted people of comfortable means and urged them to buy a bale. With cotton selling at ten cents per pound, a 500-lb bale cost $50. The argument was that the cotton could then be warehoused until the next season, when the price of cotton would certainly have risen, and the buyer could sell his purchase for a ten to twenty percent profit. President Woodrow Wilson set an example by buying several bales in September 1914.

Where did the North get cotton for its mills in the Civil War?

From the south, like always. Lincoln's main Republican rival was Salmon P. Chase. Chase's daughter Kate, a lovely girl and the belle of Washington, married a very rich but extremely eccentric and alcoholic Rhode Island mill owner named Sprague, largely to obtain Sprague's money to finance her father's bid to replace Lincoln as the Republican nominee in 1864. Before the campaign got started details began to emerge about Sprague's treasonable dealings with southerners to obtain cotton, and he was far from alone. (Lincoln solved this potential cabinet scandal by naming Chase Chief Justice of the Supreme Court). Every Yankee officer in the south was trying to "save the bales" and make his fortune. A single bale might be worth a month's pay for a general. Many Yankee expeditions into Rebel held areas were for ostensible military purposes but the real impetus was to try to "confiscate" some cotton.

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