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Modern weapons such as trench warfare, machine guns, barbed wire, and poison gas!

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Q: The destructiveness of World War 1 was due to?
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What is the effect on the world today due to World War 1?

it has no effect

What 2 conflicts were named world wars?

World War 1 and World War 2. World War 1 was caused due to assination World War 2 was caused due to Invasion of Poland, Allies not stopping germany from blackmailing countries and breaching the agreements of the treaty of Versailles.

Why were the ancient Olympics cancelled?

1916 because of World War 1 1940 & 1944 because of World War 2

What after World War 1 was ineffectual in preventing World War 2 due to its lack of real power?

The League of Nations

What if there was not a World War II?

if there was no world war 2 there would still be a world war 1. yet there would be a highly likely chance that there still would be wars to follow after world war 1 still concerning the U.S. due to world war 1. my beliefs is that there was a high chance of world war three starting after world war 2 due to nuclear warhead drops by the U.S. on 2 different occasions but failed world war three by the U.S. having a strong military force.

What four actions did Hitler due before the start of World War 2 that violated the Treaty of World War 1?

1)Touched my penis 2)spell do due 3)stop touching my penis

How was the outset's of World War 2 different from World War 1?

World War 1 came about due to secret treaties and the assassination of Franz Ferdinand. World War 2 was much simpler, Hitler just invaded multiple countries.

Who dropped out of world war 1 first?

The Russian Empire dropped out of World War 1 first. This was due to internal wrangles over the direction the empire was supposed to take in the war.

What date the World War I begin?

World War 1 began on July 28, 1914 due to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

What was creted after World War 1 that was ineffectual in preventing world war 2 due to lack of real power?

The League of Nations

Where was the Olympics held in 1916?

There were no Olympics in 1916 due to World War 1.

If World War 1 was suppose to end or wars why was there a world war 2?

Anger in Germany due to unfair terms on the Treaty of versailles.