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It led to the end of slavery. Industries made more money and needed less people to run. So they didn't need slaves. However, the farms in the south made less money and needed more people to work, so they wanted slaves. Over time differences in the beliefs of freedom and the constitution made people realize that slavery needed to end. Abraham Lincoln came along. He was a visionary. He spoke up about slavery and the north agreed and the south disagreed. So the south left the union and formed the confederacy. Ulysses S. Grant took charge of the confederacy to battle the union in the civil war. General Lee ran the army, and was later the familiar orange car from the dukes of hazzard. Eventually, Lincoln won the civil war. All slaves were freed. Soon after, Lincoln was assassinated at the globe theater by John Wilkes Booth. The lead actor playing at the globe theater that night and also a member of the confederacy. Now today, any one of any race, sex, age, religion, or nationality can do anything in almost any place in the world because of the differences of the industrial north and the agricultural south.

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Q: The economic differences between the industrial north and the agricultural south led to numerous?
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