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Q: The effort to establish a single holiday to honor all members of the armed forces was led by?
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The effort toestablish a single holiday to honor all members of the armed forces was led by?

president harry s. truman

Who made Veterans Day a holiday?

President Eisenhower was the one who made Veterans Day a national Holiday. The holiday is for all past and present members of the United States Armed Forces.

Why did government establish Armed Forces?

To protect the nation.

What is the following best characterizes the Battle of the Bulge?

It was a last German effort to stop the advance of the American and British forces.

American forces were needed in the war effort especially because?

all correc [American forces were needed in the war effort especially because the western front needed strenght since the germmans where moving to that area and russia was pulling out of the war]

How large is Italy armed forces?

The Italian Armed Forces currently has 179,155 active duty members with 41,867 in reserve. The Carabinieri, a subset of the Italian Armed Forces, has and additional 109,499 active members.

What other holidays honor Veteran's?

Memorial Day (a US Federal holiday), and Armed Forces Day (although not a US Federal holiday).

Which simple machine has the effort and resulting forces in the same direction?

Wheel and axle

How many members in the Canadian forces reserves?

About 20,000

What are the dates each of the armed forces were created?

The Armed Forces started in the 1949. President Barrack Obama then declared this day as a US Holiday.

How does an inclined plane reduce the forces needed to do work?

An inclined plane reduces the force needed to do work by increasing the distance over which the force is applied. By spreading the work over a longer distance, the force required is reduced. This makes it easier to lift or move objects along the inclined plane compared to lifting them vertically.

What is the name given to people who are not members of the armed forces?

A person who is not a member of the armed forces is called "[a] civilian."