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It was a flow of African Americans moving from the South to the North.

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Q: The great migration during world war 1 was a flow of?
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Which term describes the movement of alleles into out of a population?

Gene flow

What does intercontinental migration pattern means?

Migration flow involving movement across international borders.

What is the permanent flow of people from place to place?


What is any movement of individuals or populations from one location to another?


What is counter stream migration?

back flow of people to their native country

What does migration stream mean?

the constant flow of migrants from one country into another country.

The largest migration flow for the past 150 years has been to?

It has been to the United States.

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Movement of gametes causes gene flow, which is influenced by individuals moving into a population.

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One example of physical geography affecting the route and flow of migration?

The presence of natural barriers like mountains or deserts can influence the route of migration by creating obstacles that migrants must navigate around or through. For example, the Himalayas have historically shaped migration patterns in South Asia due to the challenge they present in crossing them.