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The location of the Japanese surrender ceremony was _______.

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aboard the battleship Missouri


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aboard the battle ship Missouri

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Q: The location of the Japanese surrender ceremony was?
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Who dictated the Japanese surrender ceremony?

US Army General Douglas MacArthur ~ see related link below .

Where was the location of the Japanese surrender ceremony?

The location of the Japanese surrender ceremony was aboard the American battleship USS Missouri docked in Tokyo Bay. The Missouri was one of the most advanced battleships built during World War 2. Today, you can go see her, as she is preserved as a museum ship at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where her bow faces the memorial of the USS Arizona (a battleship sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941) in order to honor the people who were trapped inside the Arizona's hull during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Where is the compiegne french surrender train car now?

Hitler destroyed it after the surrender ceremony.

What was the date of the surrender of the last Japanese soldier on Iwo Jima?

September 2, 1945 Although the Emperor Hirohito of Japan proclaimed his Empire's surrender on August 14, the formal ceremony did not take place until September 2.

What is Japanese for no surrender?

to say no surrender in Japanese is の降伏 read like no goubuku

What is the Japanese word for surrender?

Japanese word for surender

How do you say I surrender in Japanese?

"I surrender" would be あきらめる (akirameru) in Japanese.

What is the genbuku ceremony?

its a Japanese historical ceremony in which people use today

Why is the Japanese Tea Ceremony a ceremony?

It's not really a ceremony, but rather a ceremonious way of preparing and drinking tea. "Tea Ceremony" is just what we call it in English. In Japanese it's called "The Way of Tea."

Where did the Japanese formally sign their surrender at the end of World War 2?

The Japanese signed the surrender documents on the USS Missouri.

Why were the Japanese reluctant to surrender?

The Japanese were reluctant to surrender because of their culture which is basically a warrior culture.

When did the japanese surrender to the british?