The most powerful warship now

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Ticonderoga class of missile cruisers is the current

but the Zumwalt-class destroyer will replace it soon

Nimitz class CVN is the most powerful.

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Q: The most powerful warship now
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The most powerful ship in the US Navy was the?

Gun wise, was an Iowa class battleship. Most powerful (regardless of guns) was an aircraft carrier, most likely an Essex or Midway class during the war. The USS Enterprise was the most decorated USN warship of WWII, but was a Yorktown class carrier. *It was the "Constitution"*

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Which country has the most warship?

The USA has the biggest navy so it has most warships

What warship is now a national shrine?

The Arizona ...hence the name of the Memorial. The Arizona Memorial

What is the difference between a battleship and destroyer?

A destroyer is a small fast warship armed with 5 inch guns. A battleship is any class of warship but equipped with the most powerful armament. In former times or days of sail, a battleship was known as a 'line of battle ship', large enough to take part in the main attack, carrying 74 guns or more

Why was John Paul Johns a hero to Americans?

Because he capture the powerful British warship Serapis

What is The most famous US warship?

USS Enterprise (CV-6).

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