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Triple Entente

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allied powers

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Q: The name given to Britain France Russia during World War 1?
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What was Germany's aim during World War I?

To defeat Britain,France and Russia.

Who were the allied powers during World War 1?

France, Great Britain, and Russia

Major allies of the us during World War 1?

Britain, France, and Russia.

Who was allied with russia during world war l?

Russia sided with the Allies, which included Great Britain, France, the United States, Italy, and Japan during World War One.

Who was allied with Russia during world was you?

In both WWI and WWII Russia allied with Great Britain, France, and the United States.

Great Britain Russia France US and Japan during world war 1?


What were five countries from each alliance during World War 1?

-Russia & Serbia -Germany & Austria-Hungary -France & Russia -Britain & France & Belgium -Japan & Britain

What was the nickname given to Great Britain France and Russia during World War 1?

triple entente

What Countries make up the Triple Entente during World War 1?

Britain, France and Russia

Why is Russia not to blame for World War 1?

Russia cannot be blamed for World War I. There were various alliances in Europe during the time that would create war due to association. The following alliances existed: Russia and Serbia, Germany and Austria, France and Russia, Britain and France and Belgium, Japan and Britain.

What are the allie countries during world war 11?

Britain, China, U.S.A, France, (and eventually, Russia and Italy.

Who included France Russia Great Britain and the US?

Allied powers during World War 2.