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Propaganda against Germans - apex

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i'm not sure about that
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its correct!!!

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Q: The renaming of hamburgers to liberty steaks during World War 1 is an example of?
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What were hamburgers called during World War 1?

Liberty Steaks

What was hamburgers called during world war 1?

Liberty steak

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What were hamburgers called during world war 2?

Miss Ireland

What role did federal troops play during reconstruction?

They helped flip hamburgers and paint trees

What is the origin for liberty pup?

Liberty pup is another name for a dachsund. During World War I there was a good deal of anti-German sentiment in the United States. Other German words were changed to wording that was deemed more patriotic for the time. Another example is sauerkraut being changed to liberty cabbage.

What is liberte during the French Revolution?

It was liberty.

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What were some examples of coercive patriotism during world war 1?

A few examples:33 states outlawed the display of red and black flagsLocal authorities investigated residents who did not subscribe to Liberty LoansSchools revised their course offerings to ensure patriotism, teachers were required to sign Liberty Oaths.The APL helped the Justice Department identify radicals and critics of war by spying on their neighbors and and carrying out slacker raids.Men were stopped on the street and asked to give proof of their draft registrationGerman foods such as hamburgers and saurkraut had their names changed to "liberty sandwich," and liberty cabbage."Persons suspected of loyalty were forced to kiss the American flag in public.-cite: "Give Me Liberty" by Eric Foner