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shortage of jobs and falling wages

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Q: The return of 4.5 million soldiers had what effect?
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How did soldiers from d-day drown?


What was the population of the UK in World War 2?

45 million

How old are the soldiers in the Civil War?

Most of the soldiers in the Civil War were 18 to 35 years. Some soldiers as young as 12 and 13 participated in the war. Men as old as about 45 were welcomed into the Army. Many of the generals and colonels were much older. Robert E Lee was 58 at the end of the war. General Winfield Scott was 75 years old when he resigned early in the Civil War.

How many casualties were there in World War 2?

1,555,308 from 1941-45 in the Pacific War.Against US - 485,717Against UK/Netherlands - 208,026In China - 202,958Against Australia - 199,511French Indochina - 2,803Against USSR - 7,483Other overseas - 23,388Japan proper - 10,543Navy 1941/45 - 414,879- Only one third of the military deaths occurred in actual combat, the majority being caused by illness and starvation.

What was the deadliest war?

The Civil War is the United states deadliest war. Because both sides of the war was a part of america. The fatalities of the war was 100% American soldiers. Answer 2: I disagree with my predecessor. The largest conflict in the United State's history was World War Two. As a result of WWII, 60 million people are known to be killed. However, some estimates now imply that over 100 million people were killed, but this is generally considered false. The United States lost less troops than most nations (ex: Soviet Russia suffered worse than any other nation in the war. To invade Berlin, they mustered an Army of 2.5 million soldiers. This is an enormous force. Considering the lack of training and supplies their troops obtained, they were noted for having the highest casualty rates. The Japanese also had high casualties due to their suicidal attacks). World War One was also a highly deadly conflict in which the entire world wide death toll was over 20 million. However, the United States suffered very little due to its late entry into the war in 1917. The United States fought less than a year before it ended. The Civil War is also considered a major drain on lives in the United States, but it is in no way the largest conflict. Perhaps the largest in US casualties, but it didn't effect the world wide audience, nor did it show the United State's involvement in World wide conflicts. It can even be considered a Rebellion rather than a war. Answer 3: Technically the American Civil war has been the deadliest war for America in terms of number of American troops lost. In general it is accepted that around 620,000 American soldiers, Federal and Confederate, lost their lives in the war though some experts quote the figure as high as 700,000. By comparison the quoted figure for what the United States suffered in World War II is 418,500 soldiers lost and 116,500 lost in World War I. I'm not entirely sure but I thought the question was asking what the deadliest war as far as American losses was, in which case it would be the American Civil War; however, if the question is referring to the deadliest war in general that America has been involved in it would be World War II in which approximately 25.3 million soldiers lost their lives fighting, and most figures approximate 35 to 45 million civilians were killed for a total death toll of 60 to 70 million people.