The south feared the norths

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rapid population growth

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Q: The south feared the norths
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What did the South feared the Norths?

Rapid population growth.

How did the norths population differ from the south?

The North's population was much larger than the South's.

How did the Norths population differ from the south population?

The North's population was much larger than the South's.

What is so interesting about South Korea?

It is separated from North Korea, and Souths' economy is better than norths'.

What was norths goals during the civil war?

to free all slaves from slavry in the south

What was the norths main goal in the western campaign?

Secure control of the Mississippi, thus further isolating the South.

When was Norths Devils created?

Norths Devils was created in 1927.

What is the most feared creature in south Africa?


Is North Korea more prosperous than south karea?

North Korea grew faster and had a higher living standard and live expectancy than The South until the 1980s. However, the Norths economy collapse in the 1990s because of natural disasters, mismanagement, and the collapse of the Socialist Market. So now, South Koreas economic development has outgrown the Norths.

What was the norths stratagy during the civil war?

One of the things the North wanted to do was to capture the Mississippi River, dividing the south in half.

The South feared the north would do what?

Completely Destroy Them then especially the African Americans feared that slavery would still continue

Which is the feared snake in central and south America?

black momba