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if we were still in the civil war wait! am i doing your homework?!

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Q: The value changes in the Civil War?
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What lasting changes will the civil war bring to Texas?

Its something about the civil war

What are changes before the civil war?

no corap

What is the value of a civil war sword?


What caused the civil war religious changes?

the beginnig of protestant

What changes took place in America following the civil war?


How did the plantation system changes after the civil war?

they killed insane people

Where can you find the value of Civil War collectibles?

WorthPoint is an online website that has a price guide to find the value of Civil War collectibles. Another valuable website is Michael Simen's Historical Antiques. This site actually buys and sells Civil War artifacts.

What were the changes in the US from the American revolution to the civil war?

The changes between the civil war was that we had better weapons. They also had boats. They also people that were under the age of 18. People that wanted to get in the civil war who were under age put the # 18 in the shoe and when asked if over 18 they said yes. The war was over 4 years.

Can you the word Enconomic in a sentence?

Many economic changes occurred after the civil war.

What are the three technological changes brought on by the civil war?

One was the machine gun

List 3 changes in post civil war changes in farm and city life?

iiDontt Reallly knoww lol !!

What changes were made to the constitution after the civil war?

After the civil war, the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were added to the constitution and the three-fifth clause and the fugitive clause were stated.