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crimes againts humanity

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crimes against humanity A+

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Q: The war criminals were charged with?
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The war criminals were charged with what?

Crimes against humanity

Where were Nazis brough to justice?

If a Nazi person or someone who was involved with the holocaust any way as and be charged with War criminals as possible. They be taking to High supreme court and charged with War criminals and crime against humanity which is a guaranteed life sentence and a unlikely chance of parole

A sentence with harmless in it?

The dangerous question had a harmless answer. The misguided youth was essentially harmless. Some of the charged war criminals were held to have been harmless.

How should Canada deal with their war criminals?

Canada should deal with their war criminals by arresting them.

What has the author Grant Purves written?

Grant Purves has written: 'War criminals' -- subject(s): Canada, Canada. Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals, Governmental investigations, War criminals

How should canada deal with war criminals?

War criminals should be punished according to the crimes they have committed.

What are four ways that criminals are formally charged in court and who are the major actors in each of these important documents?

After the criminals were arrested, they were arraigned in court whereby they were called to plead for the charges. And with their lawyers arguing their cases they were eventually charged.

Are there any Nazi war criminals still out there?

Many high-ranking Nazi war criminals were captured, tried, and punished after World War II. However, some lower-level war criminals may still be living today, but they would be very old. Efforts to bring them to justice continue.

Are there any Mennonite war criminals?


Do Soldiers considered themselves criminals after the war?


What happened to war criminals in Europe after World War 2?

War criminals in Europe and throughout the globe (the ones that survived the war) were tried in the International War Crimes Court, and cases investigated by the International War Crimes Committee. As it turned out, some war criminals escaped harsh treatment and were thrown in jail while more serious cases sometimes resulted in the death penalty.

The international military tribunal for the far east was eastblished to try suspected war criminals from war in what ocean?

The war criminals were in the Pacific Ocean and the seas around the South Pacific and Australia and China.