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its the Irish Draught.

Mizzy - Dun (HI1)


RacingLove (HI2)

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Q: This war horse was used as a cavalry mount as recently as World War 1?
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Who would help the knights get ready before battle?

The knights squire would help him get on his armour and mount his horse, the Squire was also expected to go in aid of his Knight if he fell of his horse or was wounded in battle.

Was mt rusmore built before or after world war 2?

Mount Rushmore was built in the 1920s prior to the Great Depression.

Who won the battle of Mount Sorrel during World War 1?

first the Germans captured the land after the successful plan, later on the Canadian attempted a counter attack but failed. After two attempts, the Canadians got back their land. So the Canadians won the battle of Mount Sorrel in ww1.

Is there a difference between Federal cavalrymen and union soldiers?

All Federal cavalrymen were Union soldiers, but not all Union soldiers were cavalrymen. Most Union soldiers were infantrymen - foot soldiers. There were also artillerymen, who worked the cannon. Cavalrymen were horse soldiers. They rode horses where they went, and practiced as a group to train the horses to do the maneuvers they had to perform. They scouted ahead of and on the flanks of the army, they watched for the enemy to approach so their army would not be caught by surprise, and they sometimes tried to charge in a group to break the enemy line. The cavalry charge had been very important in Napoleon's time, and all American officers had studied Napoleon, but in the Civil War the foot soldiers had rifles (they had only short range muskets in Napoleon's day) and could shoot the cavalrymen at long range when they started a charge, so this was not done much. Cavalrymen usually had a type of sword called a saber, to cut down the enemy with in a charge. By the end of the war they had quit carrying sabers and started carrying six-shot revolver pistols, usually two of these per man. The cavalry's primary weapon was a carbine, a shorter rifle than the infantry used, which could not take a bayonet. The bayonet charge on foot still decided many battles, so if cavalry got into a dismounted fight with infantry, since they did not have bayonets, cavalry usually could not stand up long to infantry - they would have to mount their horses and ride off.

How did the battle of Iwo Jima change the world?

Probably gave the most famous photograph of WW2; the flag raising on Mount Suribachi. No other photograph even comes close.

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What horse was used as a calvary mount as recently as world war 1?

Well, I don't know it! For HI2 I used RacingLove and it wasn't correct! Sorry if this answer doesn't help you.

Horse mount or dismount?

With horses mount means to get on the horse, and dismount means to get off of the horse.

Before Mount Everest was discovered what was the tallest mountain on earth?

It was still Mount Everest. Mount Everest is in Asia, in the Old World, and so was not recently discovered by Europeans.

What does mount a horse mean?

"mount a horse" means to climb onto a horse's back To get up into the saddle

What is a mount in horse racing?

The horse.

What is a horse jockeys mount called?

A horse!

What is the definition of horse mounting?

To mount a horse is to get on a horse and the common fraze can you give me a 'leg up' also means mount but with some assistance.

What is a jockey's mount?

A 'mount' means a horse to be ridden. I suppose the same applies to ostriches, yaks, and camels.

When was Mount Vesuvius extinct?

Mount Vesivius is not extinct. It has erupted as recently as 1944.

What do you call a person who looks after cavalry horses?

A hostler or ostler is a groom or stableman, who is employed in a stable to take care of horses. They might be treated for injuries or illnesses by a veterinarian, and the condition of their feet and shoes was handled by a farrier. However, day to day care of the cavalry mount was by the soldier that rode the horse. A knight would be aided by his squire.

What do you wear when you mount a horse?

a helmet

What is a knight's mount?

His steed. His horse.