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The group of people during the Civil War that were opposed to slavery were referred to as abolitionists. One of the most famous abolitionists was Benjamin Franklin, who was a leading member of the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery, one of the first formal organizations for abolition in the United States.

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Q: Those who opposed slavery were referred to as?
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What did it mean for those opposed to slavery?

Those opposed to slavery were the people who were against slavery. These individuals were looked down upon and use to face stiff consequences for aiding slaves.

Were democrats or Republicans anti slavery?

The republican party was established by those who were opposed to slavery.

What did abolitionists focus on eliminating?

Abolitionists were those who were opposed to slavery. They wanted slavery abolished from the United States.

What were people opposed to slavery known as?

In the USA they were known as Abolishionists, those who would abolish the practice of slavery.

What did those opposed to slavery gain from clay's compromise proposal?

those opposed tto use force against the south if states trieed to secede

What is opposed slavery?

opposed slavery is slavery that was approved to the owner that is cruel.

Conscience Whigs were Northern Whigs Who?

Opposed slavery

Those in the North who opposed the abolitionists believed that these opponents of slavery?

Were undermining fundamental American beliefs.

Who opposed slavery?

The abolitionists, the slaves, and honorable people everywhere opposed slavery.

What did the black soldiers gain from fighting in the civil war?

Freedom for those who fought for the Union as they were opposed to slavery.

In colonial times patriots referred to people who?

In colonial times, the word "patriots" referred to those who opposed British rule over the colonies.

Why did Edmund randolph oppose slavery?

He was opposed to slavery. he felt that these who fought to save this country form Britan should be equaly free as the rest of us.