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United States


China - (largest navy-force but low in quality, low quality military hardwares, most soilders are forced to join army, unwillingness)

United Kingdoms




South Korea






Vietnam - (emerging as regional power, continuously updating military industry with peaceful purposes. Known to be a soft power country)

Most people think that China is currently a strong Navy of the world, but, in fact, they have just exaggerated their power to fool other to over estimate their power. China would never follow the international rules; those rules mean nothing to China. If China was strong enough as they showed up, it would attack Taiwan as it threaten to.

China only declares war if and only if it does not hurt or does not have to pay a serious cost. I am Chinese in the United States, and I know this truth.

Assuming we count "major combatants" (that is, ships above about 1000 tons, typically a "corvette" or larger) and major auxiliary support ships such a larger amphibious assault ships, and EXCLUDE any marine corps equipment, the current ranking would be:

Firstly, the "blue water" navies - those able to operate a significant force far away from their coastal regions for an extended period of time. These navies has a large mix of ships, nuclear-powered submarines, and all be Russia have operational aircraft carriers.

1) United States

2) United Kingdom

3) Russia

4) France

Next, the "green water" navies - those with some significant major combatant ships, usually a submarine force (often partially nuclear-powered), and even occasionally an aircraft carrier. However, they lack the supply ships requisite for extended operations away from bases, and generally cannot do significant "power projection" outside their home waters, and seldom have any notable amphibious capability:

5) Japan

6) Brazil

7) Turkey

8) China

9) India

10) Canada

11) Australia

12) Italy

13) Spain

14) South Korea

Finally, we have the "wannabes" - those countries aspiring to have some notable navy, but have not yet succeeded (perhaps due to a lack of funding, no national commitment to a real navy, a large but obsolete navy, or simply too new to the game): [listed in no particular ranking]

Essentially, the rest of the world maintains what really can be described as a "strong Coast Guard" - that is, a Navy sufficient to provide coastal protection, but not in any way able to engages in modern naval combat with anyone.

The above takes into account not just the number of ships, but the modernity of them (for instance, Russia has a large number of ships, but virtually none made post 1990, and many of their existing ones are poorly maintained or mothballed).

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1.) Russia/USA - Russia with 233 ships in it's navy. The U.S. with 289. Both are the most powerful Navies in the world, and are capable of enforcing their presence world wide. These two can not be separated at this time.

2.) Peoples Republic of China - 405 total major surface vessels. New technologies, and economic achievements in China has given rise to a new Chinese military. Namely their Navy which has seen a large boost in the past decade.

3.) France/United Kingdom - France with 81 major warships. The UK. with 105. Both operate large numbers of advanced systems and ships. And are both regional powers.

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Q: Top 10 navy forces of the world?
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