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Carbon dioxide, water, sulfur dioxide

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Q: Two waste products formed from burning fuels are?
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What are the waste products formed from burning fuel?

Burning fossil fuels like gasoline has emissions of carbon dioxide and water.

What are the 2 waste products formed by burning fuels?

Two waste products of oxidation's are water and Carbon Dioxide. Water is a waste product is because we take in more then we need. Carbon Dioxide is a waste product because when we breath, we breath in oxygen and we BREATH OUT Carbon Dioxide. To further elaborate on this......basic overview, when cells create energy from the chemical components taken from digestion, they use Oxygen taken in from Restoration and combine its with ATP, by products of this reaction are Energy, Waste, and Carbon Dioxide.

What are three human activities that impact negatively on our forests?

Deforestation, mining, burning fossil fuels, burning waste

Who is formed when the kidney remove waste prodicts from the blood?

Urine is formed after filtration of the waste products by the kidneys

How is waste used as a type of fuel?

It can be used in incinerators which produce heat as for burning fossil fuels.

What waste products are produced when fossil fuels are burnt?

carbondioxide is the gas produced

What are coal clinkers in blacksmithing?

The waste by-product of burning coal and oxidized metal that have formed together. As said, it is a waste and end product of burning coal and heating iron.

What is meant by incineration for what purpose it is used?

Incineration is burning up waste products.

Why don't we use water gas and producer gas at home as fuels?

We can produce gas to be used at home for fuel. Biogas is formed when human and animal waste is processed in an apparatus. Other end products can be used as fertilizers.

In photosynthesis what waste products are produced?

Actually bi products are formed. Main bi product is Oxygen.

What are bio-fuels used for?

biofuels make energy from living things or their waste products

What is the organ formed by the mother's body to nourish the baby and excrete waste products?

The placenta.