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Updated: 8/18/2023
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In 1950, the US Army redesignated tanks as 120mm Heavy Gun tanks, 90mm Medium Gun tanks, and 76mm Light Gun tanks. This was a change from the previous Heavy, Medium, and Light tanks, determined from the vehicle's weight. In 1960, with the advent of the new M60 Combat tank, and the deactivation of the Army's only Heavy Tank battalion (the M103 heavy tanks); the M60 series became MAIN BATTLE TANKS (MBT's).

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During the Vietnam War; the US Army used the M551 (152mm Gun) Sheridan tank, M48A3 90mm gunned Patton tank; the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) used the M41 (76mm Gun) Walker Bulldog light tank; and the Australians used the Centurion medium tank (20 pounder gun/84mm). The enemy (NVA) used the PT76 (76mm Gun) amphibious light tank and T54/55 medium tank (100mm gun).

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Q: Types of tanks
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There are many different types of tanks depending on what country built them and model. However, there are two main classifications: Light tanks and main battle tanks. Light tanks are cheaper and used more widely, while the main battle tank is the standard tank that is seen in movies with the large guns.

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