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Q: Upon entering World War 2 American troops first invaded?
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Upon entering World War II, American troops first invaded?

it was north Africa (apex)

Where did America invaded before entering world war 2?

The United States had invaded the Philippines before they entered the World War 2.

Why was germany prohibited from having troops in the rhineland?

In order to give France some security after having been invaded in the first World War, the Treaty of Versailles prohibited German troops from entering an area on the French border known as the Rhineland.

What country did troops crossed the border that made World War 2 began?

WW2 began when German troops invaded Poland.

What happened on guernsey island during World War 2?

It was invaded by German troops and turned into a fortress

Should Romania be punished for the cause of world war 2?

Of course, no: parts of Romania were invaded by Soviet troops in June 1940 and by Hungarian troops in August 1940.

What was the nickname of American troops in World War 1?

The American troups were called doughboys in World War I.

Who started World War 2 and when?

It is generally accepted that World War 2 began on 1 September 1939 when German troops invaded Poland.

When did the World War 2 sarted?

1 September 1939 after German troops invaded Poland. That was the immediate spark of World War 2 in Europe

When did France enter world war 2 and why?

France was invaded by German troops in 1940, surrendered on 24 June 1940.

When did world war 2 actually start?

Officially it began on the 1st of September, 1939, when German troops invaded Poland.

What were American troops called in World War 1?