Use bombardment in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In World War II they need a bombardment to win what was truly theirs.

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Q: Use bombardment in a sentence
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How would you use bombardment in a sentence?

The Somme bombardment was brutal and costly but highly ineffective.

How would you write a sentence using bombardment in it?

The bombardment of gunfire never stopped!

What is artillery bombardment?

Artillery bombardment is when massed artillery fire at the same target area and obliterate it. This came to it's greatest use in WW1 by both sides.

What is a sentence using bombardent?

The military scheduled the bombardment of the town because they received information that numerous enemies were had taken it over.

When did Bombardment of Alexandria happen?

Bombardment of Alexandria happened in 1882.

When did Bombardment of Mogador happen?

Bombardment of Mogador happened in 1844.

When did Bombardment of Brussels happen?

Bombardment of Brussels happened in 1695.

When did Bombardment of Genoa happen?

Bombardment of Genoa happened in 1684.

What does bombardment mean?

SENTENCE: The artillery bombarded the enemy all day.

Can a Space Marine Commander use orbital bombardment?

No, only Space Marine chapter masters can.

When did Bombardment of Ellwood happen?

Bombardment of Ellwood happened on 1942-02-23.

When did Bombardment of Yeonpyeong happen?

Bombardment of Yeonpyeong happened on 2010-11-23.